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For Fabric Samples or to Order contact us at or call 301 589 1432 for further information. Minimum cut 1/2 yard.

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Most of our fabrics are 34" to 39" wide.
This page shows the variety of handwovens we offer — weft ikats, supplementary weft designs, wovens, tapestry weave, batiks and solids. You are invited to attend one of our shows or to contact us with a specific request.



Cottons & Rayons

Certified Green Technology Fabrics that have this green leaf symbol are Certified Green Technology. The Thai Department of Environmental Quality trains and certifies dyers to use "Safe" dye techniques that don't pollute or adversely affect the health of the dyers.

All cottons are medium weight, plain weaves unless otherwise stated.



How do I care for my handwoven ikat fabrics?

Cottons may be machine washed separately in cold water and machine dried (medium heat setting). After several washings you may find ironing unnecessary; remove clothing when still damp and finger press edges. Silk handwovens should be handwashed in a mild soap such as Orvis and tepid water. Do not wring silk. Hang dry and iron when still damp. a method I learned in Thailand involved taking the damp silk (after it has been hung for a while to get off most of the water), rolling it in a towel, putting it into a clean plastic bag in the refrigerator for a couple of hours — then ironing is a breeze!

For more information click here to go to What is ikat fabric?

Handwoven Multi-colored Weft Ikat Cotton Scrap Bags

Hand-woven Silk Scrap Bags: $20 each*
Hand-woven Cotton Scrap Bags: $10 each*

*add $3.50 s/h

5-6 oz. each (about 1 yard, but in pieces)
Mixed Colors some solids/ikats etc.
Available in all indigoes by special request.
These are real scraps from Mekong River Textiles' cuttings
- already washed - nothing smaller than a hand.
*some fabrics with polyester warp

To be placed on our mailing list for future shows and sales please send us your email and/or snail mail contact information.
We cannot accommodate walk-in visitors.

We sell through this website, at our retail shows, or by appointment at our studio in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Orders are payable with MC/Visa, check or money order.
Please email to place an order or for further information.

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